Bingham PluckerMachines

The Bingham makes an excellent job of plucking all types of bird from the smallest game birds, hens, chickens, and ducks etc. to geese and turkeys. The image below shows the machine fitted with an optional gantry which facilitates the handling of heavier birds up to 45 lbs.

The finish of the plucked bird compares with that obtained by wet plucking. No special skill is required. The suction developed at the plucking head draws the feathers into a set of rotating plates, where they are gripped and pulled from the body. They are then channelled through a suction unit and into a collection sack to await disposal. The grip on the feathers can be adjusted to obtain optimum plucking times for different species of bird.

Typical plucking times are as follows:

Pidgeon = 30 secs

Pheasant & Partridge = 60 secs

Duck = 1.5 mins

Chicken = 3.5 mins

Geese = 8-10 mins

Turkey = 5-8 mins according to size.

The machine is immediately ready for use at any time, and in the case of the single phase version, can be operated from any standard 13 amp socket. Provided that the ‘Bingham’ is maintained properly and lubricated at the proper intervals productivity is maximised, outlay minimised, and long reliable machine life can be obtained.

A guard is available, if required, to provide total security against accidental damage to the birds skin. This allows chickens, turkeys and other birds, where the condition of the birds’ skin is paramount, to be confidently prepared.

The Bingham Dry Plucking machine conforms to all the latest European Economic Community Regulations.